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SoChic Facade Lighting

SoChic Cephe LED

Sezgin Group which is Turkey’s one of the biggest jewelry producer for over 60 years, built headquarters for SoChich brand in busiest location of Metropolitan Istanbul. The construction site is located by the Cemberlitas tram line and is completed by Mazeron Architecture.
Facade Lighting of the building, which was designed considering both historical and modern concerns due to its location, was completed by AIMTECH.

All phases from lighting design to commissioning were coordinated with Sezgin Group. For the building located in a historical area, it was requested that the fixtures not be visible from the outside. In this respect, project-specific application methods were used by AIMTECH.


Sezgin Group

Çemberlitaş İstanbul/Türkiye

Mazeron Mimarlık

In the building where the Wash X series is used as the main product group, CCT colors were chosen instead of RGB as LED colors. With this method, also called Tunable White technology, the lighting colors of the building can vary between 1800K and 6500K.

DMX512 was chosen as the control infrastructure in the project. Instead of address grouping for luminaires, each luminaire is operated as a single pixel. In this way, various animations are allowed.

The possible disturbances that may be caused by the lighting of the neighboring buildings due to the tight building structure of the region are also eliminated with the brightness adjustment specific to the luminaire.

Robust, Durable and Smart

It is designed to work for many years in harsh facade environments such as rain, snow and hail.

Compact Structure

The need for external control devices is minimized in luminaire groups, which have a compact structure with an internal control unit and power unit.

IP67 Wallwasher 4000K IP67 Wallwasher