4 Chanel Constant Current DMX512 Decoder

“DMX CC 4” is a constant current DMX512 decoder with 4 channel output, achieving address setting via RDM protocol. With 350/500/700ma LED drive current options, DMX CC is a perfect candidate for driving single color, bi-color, RGB and RGBW LED luminaires. Its slim type design allows DMX CC to be used in the luminaire housing.

General Specifications
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With the powerful ARM processor, DMX data up to 40FPS coming over the ethernet network is transferred to the output channels without any loss in FPS value.

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“DMX CC 4” supports remote device management (RDM) protocol. This feature enables user to set/read the address of “DMX CC 4” using an RDM controller, without reaching the device, using DMX cable connected to DMX input of the decoder.
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The usage of the “DMX CC 4” in the housing of the luminaires are achieved by its slim type mechanical case. With the slim body, the mounting and cabling also becomes easier.
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“DMX CC 4” has three drive current options which are 350, 500 and 700 ma. The selection of drive current is done in manufacturing process so it should be determined in the order.
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“DMX CC 4” applies gamma correction to the DMX data and drives the LEDs according to gamma corrected color levels. This unique feature makes the decoders suitable for facade lighting applications.
Connection Diagram
DMX 512 CC4 Decoder constant current 4 port