ArtNet DMX Controller

“OPUS 1” is a single universe ArtNet to DMX controller designed to be the professional DMX control solution for the lighting systems.

General Specifications
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OPUS 1 ensures that the DMX 512 update rate is exactly the same with the frame rate of the media coming from network. Thanks to the powerful ARM processor of OPUS 1, the frame rate (fps) between 5-40 is guaranteed without any delay or frame-loss.

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The 2 port ethernet switch on OPUS 1 allows daisy chain connection of seveal OPUS or any ArtNet-DMX converters, eliminating the necessity for an external network switch. This makes the cabling within the controller cabinet easier than ever.
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Indication LEDs on OPUS 1 visulaize the state of each output channel, ArtNet related activitiy on network and the status of the device. This allows user to observe the data flow on output channel and ArtNet related traffic on network.
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It does not need an external power supply with 220VAC operating voltage.
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OPUS 1 supports ArtNet 1/2/3 protocol and can be used as a robust ArtNet – DMX converter by any ArtNet software in the market such as MADRIX 3/5, Enttec ELM, Jinx etc.
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The configuration and setup of OPUS 1 can be done easily with its Ethernet based user configuration tool. The tool allows user to set IP address, Subnet Mask and gamma correction value. Output channel-universe assignment is also done with this configuration tool.
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OPUS 1 allows the synchorization between devices by being triggered ArtSynch packets. OPUS 1 also ensures the synchorization across its output channels. The DMX data is transferred without any delay between the output channels.
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3 Pin Neutrik XLR connectors are used in DMX outputs.
Back View
OPUS 1 Arka Gorunus XLR3 Ethernet power inout output
1 Power Input
2 RJ45 Ethernet Port 1
3 RJ45 Ethernet Port 2
4 Reset Switch
5 DMX Output Port
Front View
OPUS 1 On Gorunus XLR3 Ethernet power inout output
6 Activity LED
8 ArtSync LED
9 ArtPoll LED